Dog Boarding at Family Pet Boarding in WaukeshaCanine boarders enjoy the following amenities:

  • Immaculately Clean Cages and Runs
  • Family Visits and Tours of the Facility
  • A 30-minute Play Session
  • A Clean, Safe & Comfy Atmosphere
  • Fresh Bedding & Daily Housekeeping
  • Spacious Kennels
  • Individualized Care
  • Convenient Hours
  • Dog Treats
  • Lots of Love & Kisses

Boarding Requirements for Dogs

  • Your dog must wear a collar and arrive on a leash, which will be returned after checked in.
  • For your pet's comfort, please bring your pet's food for its stay with us. (High-quality pet food is available upon request for an additional charge.)
  • Dogs must be up to date on annual exam; current on Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Rabies, and Distempter vaccines; and have a negative stool sample check in the 12 months prior to their boarding stay.
  • We also reccomend our canine boarders are up-to-date on their Canine Influenza vaccine, monthly flea and tick control (we will check for fleas upon check-in), and Lepto vaccines.
  • All dogs must be free from internal and external parasites
  • We insist on current vaccinations according to our kennel guidelines above. If necessary, we will arrange for booster inoculations.

What should I bring for my dog’s stay?

  1. Enough food for their whole stay in a sealed container with an appropriate scoop. Containers cannot be larger than 13 inches wide x 13 inches high x 17 inches deep.
  2. If your dog can have a blanket, bring theirs! It helps most dogs to have something from home that smells like them and their owners.
  3. If your dog does not destroy toys, feel free to bring them! Kongs, bones, and chew toys are great ways to keep them happy!
  4. Your dog’s favorite treats!

Where will my dog sleep?

Your pet will sleep in an appropriate-sized run. We never crate dogs! They will be given a Kuranda bed to sleep on as well as a blanket (if they can have one). We will put any items you bring for your pet (toys, blankets, bones, etc..) in their run as well. If you bring treats, we will give them one right away upon their arrival!

How often will my dog go outside?

Your dog will be taken outside at least three times a day. For younger or older dogs, we take special care to make sure they have extra times throughout the day to relieve themselves. All boarding dogs receive at least one playtime a day with a staff member. If your dog is boarding plus, they will receive at least two playtimes during the week with our daycare dogs. When the weather is nice, all boarders typically spend a lot of time outdoors!

What Makes Us Different?

• Your dog is never put into a crate!
• We allow our clients to bring in their own bedding, bones and toys!
• Your dog will receive one-on-one attention from our caring staff.
• We are open 7 days a week with flexible pick-up and drop-off times.
• We have a certified veterinary technician on staff.
• We can accommodate unique dietary needs for your dog (including refrigerated food)

We look forward to your dog's vacation!